The worst fear of every bride after committing is to begin investigating all the paperwork, requirements and paperwork necessary to legalize their marriage.

When they start talking to us about judges, witnesses, blood tests and large amounts of documents, things start to get a bit daunting, and that is where the importance of answering the million-dollar question:  What do you need to get? Marry the civilian?

In Mexico, the requirements may vary according to the state in which the act is to be performed; however, there are ten fundamental requirements that will serve as a guide to get an idea of ​​what awaits you. Here are the basics you need to get married in New Mexico:

Request for marriage

Submit a marriage request to the Civil Registry Judge of your choice, it must state what is indicated by articles 97 and 98 of the Civil Code.

Birth certificate

Bring original and certified copy of both interested parties. It is recommended that you make at least two copies of each.

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Patrimonial Regime

Agreement on the Patrimonial Regime to which the present goods and those acquired during the marriage must be subject: joint or separate.

Proof of address

In some states they request that they have a maximum of six months of being issued, although in others they request a maximum of three months, so it is better not to take risks. Both interested parties should bring their own and once again it is recommended that you take at least one copy to each one.

Official identification

According to the marriage laws in New Mexico both parties must bring original and a copy of this credential. If they don’t have one, they can carry their passport or military card.

Prenuptial Exams

Original of a certificate of prenuptial exams with tests of VDRL (syphilis), HIV (AIDS) and RH (blood type). The certificate must have been issued no later than 15 days before submitting it.


It will be necessary to take four child-sized photographs of each. Be sure to attend a study that has previously taken photos for this procedure, as they will know exactly how they should do them.

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For each of the parties you need witnesses to get married in New Mexico for the civil wedding who are of legal age, of Mexican nationality, with original identification and a copy thereof.

Single Certificate

You can process yours online.

Payment of fees

Because nothing in this life is free, you will have to pay the rights according to the current rates. The price will depend on the state and the year in which you wish to marry.