The dreadlocks hairstyle was made fashionable by musician Bob Marley. This way of wearing hair responds more to an ideology than a fashion. Few are those who bet on dreadlocks but it is true that it is a hairstyle that does not go out of style.

Dreadlocks are a very old type of hairstyle that has been very important in various cultures. This style has resurfaced in recent years, and, for this reason, in this post, different hairstyles for women with dreadlocks and for men are discussed. You can style your dreads on your wedding day as well as for any kind of special occasion.

Hairstyles with dreadlocks for women with long hair

Dreadlocks do not require much maintenance. They are a hairstyle always ready, with minimal care to go out without the need for large preparations. Ideal for women, who want to show off their personal dreadlock hairstyles for weddings but do not have too much time to take care of their hair every day.

Hairstyles with dreadlocks for women with short hair

Another advantage of wearing dreadlocks is that it causes the hair to grow with a renewed strength and protect the hair from external agents. It can be very useful if we want to clean our hair.

The first step to clean our hair is to cut it. For a while this part has taken a long mane, especially among women. This style is fashionable, but if we really want to protect, strengthen and sanitize our hair, we can combine short hair with dreadlocks.

Hairstyles with dreadlocks for women with medium hair

Don’t you convince long hair with dreadlocks or excessively short hair? Don’t worry because dreadlocks are just as advisable for a long hair. In fact, this hairstyle can break the preconceived ideas of many people regarding dreadlocks.

Hairstyles with dreadlocks for men with long hair

A man who has a good mane is very likely a strong advocate of a natural look. Dreadlocks will give you a personality-laden look, as we can see in the following image:

As in the case of women, we do not have to confirm with wearing loose hair with dreadlocks, but we can pick it up in style, as seen in the image that we leave below.

dreads on wedding day

Hairstyles with dreadlocks for men with short hair

Dreadlocks strengthen hair. If we add to this that we have previously sanitized and cut the hair, leaving the hair short, we can affirm that this style will greatly benefit our hair health.

The dreadlocks made of twists of two threads, very popular among the youngest ones, are also of the last shout.

Hairstyles with dreadlocks for men with half hair

Another of the many advantages of wedding hairstyles for dreads is that it encourages patience, which is a great virtue. The result the first time we do dreadlocks is very good. However, dreadlocks improve over time. It is a process in which the hair is gradually being made to dreadlocks.