The marriage remains associated with the summer period. July and August are the favorite months of lovers. Nevertheless, why not opt for spring and the rebirth of nature or autumn and its flamboyant colors or even the winter and its white and immaculate landscapes?

Each season has its advantages and there are off wedding season too but do not get stuck on a habit that can be quite upset!

Summer or winter, the question is first to know which event you want to organize. To choose your season, some questions are inevitable:

The presence of the guests: what would be a wedding without his entourage and his relatives? The availability of guests is an important part of choosing a date.

The place of reception: garden, castle, hall of holidays etc. If you want to enjoy a better exterior obviously look for the hot season. By cons if all your festivities take place indoors, winter can have its charm!

The theme of marriage: here too some themes are suitable at all times of the year, others are less versatile. In short, summer is adapted to all themes that open to the outside (country, nature etc.). But most fit inside as well as outside. The Christmas period also offers original perspectives for a wedding.

The type of meal: picnic, cold meal, grills etc. All these dishes that we like to eat in the summer are less suitable for cold or rain.

What criteria come into play when choosing the date of your wedding?

Every element that makes up your marriage must be analyzed to know whether the season is important or not.

Strengths and weaknesses of each season

Summer: Season star for the wedding! (half are celebrated between June and August). It is easy to understand what attracts couples: sun, heat, outdoors, light clothing etc. By cons, it is the least popular month to get married, even in this season (and we can notice it in recent years) rain and freshness can also be at the rendezvous.

popular month to get married

Spring: Season also appreciated by the bride and groom! The awakening of the nature, the senses, the return of good humor and dynamism. The sun is appearing gently and the heat is not yet overwhelming. The rebirth of the vegetation can offer magical outdoor settings and ensure beautiful pictures of the day!

Autumn: Season sulkier. Return of holidays, return, professional recovery the spirit is less at the party. Yet you are rested, tanned and your guests are more readily available. The month of October offers beautiful days and the nature is sumptuous.

Winter: Arising season! More and more couples are choosing winter to unite and consider as the best time of year to get married. Admittedly, it’s cold and no question of enjoying an outdoor meal.

A room can offer many advantages during the cold season: you can create new themes around snow, Christmas, the New Year and so on. And then, your guests will have only one desire: to take refuge in a warm, warm and friendly atmosphere.