As for aesthetic or beauty tastes and styles there is nothing written; and neither in the case of men. Today, the bride and groom are increasingly protagonists of weddings, with the permission of the bride. It is the turn of being themselves, of not losing their identity and of maintaining that usual look but something more careful and arranged for that special day.

Do not miss the advice that is offered to the couple so that, on that date, they keep in mind their facial care. Be it choosing between facial hair vs clean shave for groom, and a ballroom princess gown look vs high slit white dress look for the bride.

A classic shave

The more conventional boyfriends or in their day to day are perfectly shaved, they will not be less a day like the one on their link.

If you are one of those who want to rely on a professional hand that day, go to a specialized center as a groom be clean shaven for a wedding. Do you dare with an innovative razor shave? It is the trendiest of the moment.

shaven for a wedding

It is best that the shave is done at the last moment, before dressing. This way it will last much longer. If you choose to do it yourself, be very careful not to cut yourself. If your nerves play tricks on you, don’t worry.

Put a piece of paper on the wound and stay relaxed, in a few minutes it will be perfect. Have super soft skin to receive thousands of kisses that day especially from your special person!

A beard with a hipster touch

wedding beardTimes have changed and today we see many boys with their perfect and careful vintage roll beard or hipster. If you want to keep that hair for your wedding day, great. But remember, it is essential to take care and fix and not make a mess.

In this case, take care of it carefully. First of all, wash it well with a suitable shampoo to remove accumulated grease or dirt and dry it with a small clean towel. Then hydrate it with a good oil or balm.

Do you dare to wear a mustache?

If you already want to be totally daring with wedding beard styles, what do you think of wearing a mustache so fashionable lately? Of course, discard this option if you do not look comfortable or if you realize that it does not fit with your style or staff.

It is best not to go disguised that special day. To take care of it, more or less follow the same steps that we have explained in the case of the beard but it is not necessary either so much ritual. When it is perfectly clean, trimmed and combed, it is more than enough.