Photography: Jenna Bechtholt / Cocktails & Treats: Bartisserie / Calligraphy: KBYK Weddings

Set & Prop Styling: Dandy & Fine Parties


Working with the talented gals named above was such a treat! As were these scrumptious cocktails and bite size goodies. When someone brings up thoughts of cocktail inspired photoshoots, you can be sure to count me in! It's like H E L L had me at cocktail. Seriously! And that is a little bit of how this story goes... Jenna and I meet and she talks of photographing cocktails, I immediately say yes, then enlist the gorgeous food & beverage talents of Alizée of Bartisserie, and the lovely, modern calligraphy talents of Krisanna of KBYK and then poof! Magic happens. 

We concepted a uniquely themed party with a bridal shower in mind. Rather than your standard pink on pink on pink (and puhlease don't get me wrong - I am a gal who loves pink, it's my favorite color), we went green. Lush, green and botanical with colorful. punchy pops coming from the stars of the show, the cocktails. We just love the way they stand out in the crowd of green! Take the party theme one step further and ask everyone to wear green or white (think Great Expectations with Gwyneth Paltrow & Ethan Hawke) and imagine how much fun those photos would be!