Photography: In Tandem / Vintage Rentals:  / Venue: Mercury Hall . Austin, TX

Event Design (Décor + Stationery + Florals): Dandy&Fine Parties  / Day-of Coordination: Cara @ YWYW


We absolutely loved Morgan & Kris's playful approach to their wedding. They were one of the coolest couples we have worked with to date. (Although I think we always say that! I feel like we get really lucky to always have that type of client. Laws of attraction, perhaps?!)

When we asked what was most important to them when it came to their wedding, they said three things: 1. That it had to be FUN - it was important for the vibe to be happy and playful and for their guests to enjoy themselves 2. Color - every color under the sun - was key 3. Creatively using the space of the venue so that the guests would be able to enjoy everything from the gorgeous lawn covered with oak trees to the indoor space where they could escape from the heat as needed. These were dream responses for a wedding designer! 

So, from there we went all for it. We made the event all bright and bursting with color as could be! We immediately starting shopping around for extra colorful glass vessels for table décor. We sewed table runners cut from Mexican yoga blankets to add a nod to the southwest. The bride had fallen in love with a colorful crepe paper garland we made for a photoshoot and asked if we could create more for their wedding...the answer was YES! of course! We love when clients love the handmade details! So we made 300 feet of festive garland and strung it with the festoon lighting above the outdoor dining space. Floral requirements were simple - the bride wanted sunflowers only in memory of her late grandmother because they were her very favorite flower, so we kept it simple and cheerful by arranging a variety of sunflowers into the colorful vessels. Cacti were planted into mini copper pots and air plants were sprinkled throughout.

The welcome table was a special moment in itself. Being that the welcome table is often the first thing guests see, we used this moment to set the tone of the event. In addition to the colorful, cheerful design and décor elements, we added personal details of an eclectic collection of wedding photos of the bride's and groom's family members as well as a rolling pin to be signed by guests (a tradition on the bride's side). 

Ceremony details were also important to Morgan and Kris. They wanted to recede down the aisle in true celebratory fashion, which meant interaction from the guest was key. So, we collected fun music makers and shakers for half the guests and created confetti toss boxes filled with colorful felt balls (since true confetti was a no-no at the venue) for the other half of the guests. 

Morgan and Kris decided not to have a DJ or dancing, but instead wanted to have lawn games and lounge areas outside and a lounge area and a flip cup table inside. Brilliant! We just loved their unconventional style. So, their wishes were our command! We think you will see by the photos just how much that flip cup table was especially loved by all!

Their Thursday evening wedding was intimate, with about 50 attending guests. They then took 20 of their best friends to Austin City Limits for the 3 day festivities to follow and celebrate their wedding. We made fun festival totes that the bride and groom filled with all of the festival essentials - sunscreen, advil, chapstick, etc. How thoughtful is that?!

Overall, we feel like they truly had a unique wedding that felt completely authentic to who they are.  And we haven't even mentioned the bride's stunning dress yet! Wow! These two are definitely just too cool for school and are the type of clients that every wedding designer wishes for! Everything about their wedding was just the type of perfect, sunshiny, cheerful wedding that we at Dandy & Fine Parties thrive on!

Cheers, Morgan & Kris! Lots of love to you both XO