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Color Pop Photo Backdrop DIY

Hi friends! I am beyond excited to teach you how to make this super fun, extra colorful, easy breezy photo backdrop DIY. I'm telling you, it's often times the simplest creations that I end up loving most and this is definitely one for the books! You'll be able to use it for any festive occasion, from a bridal shower to a birthday party! I even think it would be super adorable in a kids room.

So, you know what one of the best parts of this backdrop is? It's made entirely of 3 elements: 

  • A large, blank wall (preferably with a smooth surface)
  • Small paper plates (I share my favorite source a little further down!)
  • Tac removable adhesive putty

And to create the wall installation is just as easy!

  • Adhere a small dot of tac to the backside of each plate, in the middle
  • Determine the color pattern you want 
  • Start adding your rows of plates from the bottom of the wall and work your way up (I did nine plates across and 10 plates high)
  • Space evenly along the way, adjusting as you go (the brilliant thing about tac is that you can adjust as much as you need to since it just keeps on sticking!)

Oh, and there's my kitty! I had to sneak a shot because she was just looking way too cute while snoozing in front of the festive wall!


These colors are so my jam! Ask any of my close friends and they'll tell you that these are "Brynn colors". My wedding was done in this palette four years ago and I still can't ever seem to get enough of them in my life! So, obviously you can use this same palette, or choose a palette of your personal favorites. Oh Happy Day Party Shop has every color under the sun for your choosing delight! 

I used all small plates in the following colors: sunshine yellow, light yellow, orange, magenta, bright pink & new pink. Each color of plates came in packs of 20 for $4.50 and I ended up using 15 of each color. That makes this awesome photo backdrop a very budget friendly grand total of $40! (once you add tax, shipping and the tac) Plus, you have plates to spare to set the table for your party! (See more on that next week!) 

*note: colors of paper plates in images vary from actual color due to photo/lighting edits

XOXO Brynn