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DIY Gift for the Hostess With The Mostest

Have you soaked completely into summer yet? I hope so! I hope you are kicking your feet up and enjoying a refreshing cocktail on a patio somewhere as you read this!

Summer means a lot of things and one of those things is lots of parties. If you are a good little guest, you will never show up empty handed! Keeping it simple with a bottle of wine or a side dish is perfect manners. But, if you have a hostess that you think deserves a little more, I have just the perfect gift to share with you! It’s part DIY and part curated goods. Follow along, I’ll teach you how!

First you will need a gift basket. Just about any woven style of basket should do, so long as you can thread yarn through the weaves. I used an old basket that I picked up at the flea market several years ago and painted it white to brighten it up. 

Next, you will need yarn in a variety of color and thickness. Choose a palette that you know your hostess will love! 

Lastly, you can choose to copy the design I created here (I’d be flattered!) or, if not, you will want to think about how you will layout your design and what colors will be used where. Then, cut your yarn into short pieces (mine ranged from 5 to 6 inches) - it is better to cut a little longer because you can trim shorter as needed once it is threaded onto the basket. The numbered instructions below coordinate with the numbered images below. Follow along to learn how to thread your yarn.

create the base layer -

  1. Fold yarn piece in half and weave the looped end through the basket
  2. Then pull the ends through the loop (I like the call this the necktie loop)
  3. Repeat until you have reached the desired length of that portion of your design

add volume -

  1. Gather 4-6 pieces of yarn and one additional piece as the tying strand
  2. Thread through basket on top of base layer
  3. Tie and repeat as needed to create desired volume

Once you complete one color, move onto the next. Once you are happy with your design, trim your yarn ends to desired lengths. And voila! You have a happy little basket!

Now, to fill your happy basket… I chose three fool-proof hostess gifts:

  1. Candles - I went with a variety of fun colored tapers to go with the colorful basket!
  2. Flowers - A thoughtful assortment of pretty blooms is always a hit!
  3. Something Sweet - For the candy jar, of course! I filled my cute little glass ice cream cone with a rainbow of Jelly Bellys!

Alright, no excuses now! Time to step up your hostess appreciation game ;) Just kidding… But really, don’t forget about your party hosts and hostesses - they put a lot of thought and work into planning and executing their fête, so make sure to let them know that they are appreciated!

XO Brynn 

Color Pop Photo Backdrop DIY

Hi friends! I am beyond excited to teach you how to make this super fun, extra colorful, easy breezy photo backdrop DIY. I'm telling you, it's often times the simplest creations that I end up loving most and this is definitely one for the books! You'll be able to use it for any festive occasion, from a bridal shower to a birthday party! I even think it would be super adorable in a kids room.

So, you know what one of the best parts of this backdrop is? It's made entirely of 3 elements: 

  • A large, blank wall (preferably with a smooth surface)
  • Small paper plates (I share my favorite source a little further down!)
  • Tac removable adhesive putty

And to create the wall installation is just as easy!

  • Adhere a small dot of tac to the backside of each plate, in the middle
  • Determine the color pattern you want 
  • Start adding your rows of plates from the bottom of the wall and work your way up (I did nine plates across and 10 plates high)
  • Space evenly along the way, adjusting as you go (the brilliant thing about tac is that you can adjust as much as you need to since it just keeps on sticking!)

Oh, and there's my kitty! I had to sneak a shot because she was just looking way too cute while snoozing in front of the festive wall!


These colors are so my jam! Ask any of my close friends and they'll tell you that these are "Brynn colors". My wedding was done in this palette four years ago and I still can't ever seem to get enough of them in my life! So, obviously you can use this same palette, or choose a palette of your personal favorites. Oh Happy Day Party Shop has every color under the sun for your choosing delight! 

I used all small plates in the following colors: sunshine yellow, light yellow, orange, magenta, bright pink & new pink. Each color of plates came in packs of 20 for $4.50 and I ended up using 15 of each color. That makes this awesome photo backdrop a very budget friendly grand total of $40! (once you add tax, shipping and the tac) Plus, you have plates to spare to set the table for your party! (See more on that next week!) 

*note: colors of paper plates in images vary from actual color due to photo/lighting edits

XOXO Brynn

DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece

Ah, spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, the air is still crisp but starting to warm, and the flowers are blooming! Don't you just love this time of year?! And Easter has come early this year! No complaints here...I love any excuse I can get to play with my food! 

This year, instead of dying your eggs, poke holes in the tops and turn them into vases! Or do both, if you wish! I am thinking about dying some hard-boiled eggs to put in the ceramic berry baskets (find similar here) and incorporate it into my Easter table centerpiece. 


SUPPLIES (for egg vases)

  • White eggs - raw/uncooked (or brown if you wish!)
  • Small screw or nail - sterilize in alcohol (used to poke initial hole)
  • Large screw (used to create larger opening)
  • Eye Dropper (used to assist in draining the eggs)
  • Bowl (used to catch egg drainings)
  • Tweezers (used to assist in removing extra shell at opening)


  1. Using smaller screw, very gently hammer into top center of each egg
  2. Using larger screw, very gently hammer to increase diameter of opening
  3. To drain the contents of the eggs, hold with hole side down but at a slight tilt over a bowl - use an eye dropper to move in and out of the hole, which creates a free flow of air and allows the liquid to drain faster (use the suction of the eye dropper to collect and drain the last bits of liquid that don't drain on their own)
  4. Rinse each egg thoroughly, then use tweezers to collect any loose shell bits around the hole opening or to help reshape the hole, if desired


  • Ceramic egg crate (find similar here or here)
  • Spring blooms (in your choice of varietal & color - I used ranunculus!)
  • Moss or mossy-like ground cover (optional)


  1. Fill egg "vases" with water, place into ceramic egg crates, and snip blooms to place in each one
  2. Keep it simple by just leaving it as is, OR add moss or a mossy-like ground cover as a cute detail brings extra life to the design
  3. Additional ideas - paint, spray paint or dye eggs to add extra color and flair! | I wanted to keep it simple and place just one bloom per egg, but you can place as many as your heart desires!

And that's a wrap on all of the Easter-y fun I have for you! Do you have plans for Sunday? If you make this centerpiece, I'd love to see it!!

XO Brynn


I'm loving all of the different wall hangings out there and was inspired to create some of my own. I was definitely feeling boho vibes. And oh goodness, how I love tassels! So here they are making an appearance. I just haven't tired of them because they are so darn adorable! Blue is the currently the favored color around here, but I think that any color palette would be just as fun! 

Oh how I love an easy DIY that looks like it took forever! These little wall hangings are a breeze and I am so excited to share just how-to with you! And - BONUS! - it's so inexpensive! These three hangings costed me a total of $20. The driftwood was gathered, the embroidery hoops were $6 total, paint was $4, and I spent $10 on 24 loops of embroidery floss. Gotta love that! 



    •    Embroidery Floss in color palette of choice

    •    Scissors

    •    Driftwood

    •    Paint

    •    Sponge Applicator or Paintbrush

    •    Embroidery Hoops (I just used the inside hoop with no hardware, but either part works)


This is a simple step that you will want to complete first - at least a day in advance - to ensure that the driftwood is dry and ready to go. All you need to do is tape off the driftwood wherever you desire your paint to start, then paint one end. Place them somewhere to dry where they can be propped up. 

TASSELS (photos of steps 1-4 above + 5-6 below)

    1    Use one embroidery floss and then cut 2 strands of either the same color or an accent color - one shorter strand and one longer strand

    2    Fold embroidery floss in half and insert longer cut floss strand through the middle

    3    Use shorter cut floss strand to tie of top of the tassel off - tie once, then wrap floss around 2-3 times, double knot, then cut excess ends off

    4    Tie a double knot at top of tassel head with the longer cut floss strand and then knot the ends of the long strands so that the tassel is ready to hang

    5    The bottom of the embroidery floss will be looped, so give it a quick snip for open ends

    6    Give the bottom of the tassel some final snips to even it out & voila! Your first tassel is complete!

Now take a seat on the couch with all of your supplies, turn Netflix on and repeat all steps until you have as many tassels as your heart desires!


    1    To attach the driftwood to the embroidery hoop, place the driftwood across the hoop and tie on with embroidery floss. I doubled up (so used 4 pieces of floss total) because I liked the thickness, and tied in a criss-cross motion to secure the driftwood on both ends. I loved the random designs that the criss-cross tying made!

    2    To attach the tassels, simply wrap the long floss end (at top of tassel head) around the driftwood or embroidery hoop and loop the tassel through. I even double wrapped before looping the tassel through depending on the desired length of the tassel and the amount of floss I wanted to see wrapped around the driftwood or hoop. This is the fun part! Make it your design, or use the hangings I created as inspiration!

Have fun with this one! And the possibilities of uses are endless! I'm hanging my set in my bedroom, which I recently redecorated in blues. But I also love the idea of creating LOTS of these to make a photo backdrop installation, or hanging above a boho-inspired table setting. I would love to see what you create!


I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I am in a packaging mood lately. And I have definitely been focused on Valentine's Day! Last week was favor bags and now this week it's gift wrap! I love playing with watercolors and it has been awhile, so thought they would be perfect for this project. Especially so since I am in a current love affair with a softer palette. 

All you will need for this gift wrap is white craft paper, a watercolor cake set, brushes and round sponge applicators. Oh, and you'll want to round up your favorite twines, ribbons, washi tapes, etc. that you want to use to accessorize your packages...though they will only need simple touches since the watercolor makes such a statement on their own. A little something extra you might want to do is cut out paper hearts from pastel papers (just use a heart shape cookie cutter to trace, then cut out each heart) to use for fun little touches.


1. This cute little prickly friend was asking for some simple, but fun wrapping. So, I wrapped it in some white paper, secured it with a rubber band, and then painted each "peak" of the paper a different color (both outside and in). I let the colors blend together where they met to create a seamless flow. Once the watercolors were completely dry, I replaced the rubber band with pretty pink & metallic twine. It the end it feels a bit "dip-dyed", which is a look that I never seem to tire of.

2. I think this brush stroke package turned out to be my favorite! To achieve this look, simply use a wide brush and stroke the paper at various angles, with various colors of paint...and plenty of water to achieve that washed out look. Once dry, give it a simple twine wrap. Or a satin ribbon would be really pretty, too!

3. For this fun watercolor confetti wrap, you'll just need to pick up these round sponge applicators. Then just wet, dab excess water onto a paper towel, dip in paint palette and apply onto the paper. Vary your colors to really give it that confetti look!

4. Lastly, the fourth way to watercolor your Valentine's gift wrap is to splatter paint the paper. To achieve this look, apply water and paint to your brush and then stroke across your fingers overhead of the paper. This will create splatters of watercolor! Just keep going with the method, layering on multiple colors. Wrap a strip of washi tape around the box and accessorize with a few of those paper hearts!

I am definitely not a professional watercolorist, so good news for you: you don't have to be either! The bottom line is just to have fun with watercolors because there are so many different methods and styles to play with! 

XO Brynn


Sometimes it is best to just keep it simple. And today, we are doing just that. I wanted to create fun favor bags to give away my favorite Valentine's Day candy - conversation hearts. I mean, the little Brach's boxes are cute and all, but aren't these pom pom ball bags WAY cuter?! Glad you agree. 

Oh, and while we are on the topic of conversation, let's just get one started... Are you a Brach's conversation hearts lover or Sweethearts? I am 100% a Brach's lover because they are way softer, whereas Sweethearts are bound to break your teeth! (although, Sweethearts do have some more fun colors, so I used some of those too for photo purposes) Also, Brach's is all I ever remember having as a kid, so you know...nostalgia. Anyways, yes, I am being a total candy nerd over here. 

*p.s. this post is in no way legally affiliated with or an advertisement for Brach's, just in case you were wondering :) I actually really do just prefer their candy.*

So, let's move forward with this super simple, fun DIY project. It's even great for the kids! (but instead of hot glue, use fabric glue to avoid tiny burnt fingers)...



  • Felt pom balls in assorted colors (I went with pastels to match the conversation hearts)
  • Small muslin favor bags
  • Twine in a fun color (this is optional, as you can just use the string the bag comes with)
  • Needle
  • Hot glue gun
  • Conversation hearts


  1. Remove drawstring from muslin bag and thread in desired color of twine
  2. Hot glue felt pom balls to bag in desired configuration - make sure to insert a paper or piece of cardboard into the bag to prevent glueing the bag together
  3. Fill with conversation hearts and give to the ones you love!

Speaking of  L O V E... isn't it just the best?! Yep, true romantic speaking here! Now, now, before you gag, hear me out! Love truly is the best, whether it is between you and your man, or lady, OR if it is to or from the family and friends that surround you... or the good deed you do for a stranger in need. And while receiving it is one of the best feelings in life, I think that giving love is where it is really at. Love is one of those truly unique things in life that we just can't live without and can never seem to give enough of. Who are you going to give a little extra love to today?

XO Brynn