Like a good majority of you, I'm doing a pretty fair share of travel this summer. My husband and I kicked it off a few weeks ago with an adventure across California where we flew into San Diego, drove east to Big Bear, then back west to Oceanside, then hopped on a train up to Paso Robles, stayed on the Central Coast in Cambria, then road tripped north up Hwy 1 to San Francisco. After retiring home to Seattle, we set out on the road just five days later to drive east through Washington and the tip of Idaho to our destination in Bozeman, MT and then south to Yellowstone for a weekend of camping. To say the least, we have already covered a lot of varying terrain throughout the the west end of the US. Along these travels, I have most certainly gathered a lot of inspiration. This table setting is most definitely a result of some of those things I was inspired by.

Nature has always been a key element in what I am inspired by, and in this case I have been heavily influenced by the open lands I've passed through and their unique terrains. The United States is truly a beautiful land and it is incredible how the soil, rock formations, open fields and horizons vary from state to state. 

In this table setting, I pulled together bits and pieces of things that represent moments of my travel...

There are hints of elements that represent California's cool coastal blues and dry desert lands , a variety of rocks that remind me of the varying lands, and the big sky and rugged wide open lands of Montana which gives the overarching feel to this setting. Oh, and the horseshoe because my goodness I don't think I've ever seen so many horses in such a short period of time!

I love creating settings that have a real story behind them. It is always such a fun, creative challenge. This is how I approach settings for my clients' weddings in order to create something that is unique and personal to them. I recommend playing with this concept! Think about what story you want to tell at your next gathering around the dinner table, then pull together the pieces that illustrate it. I guarantee it will inspire many great stories throughout the evening! What will your story be?!

XO Brynn