I'm loving all of the different wall hangings out there and was inspired to create some of my own. I was definitely feeling boho vibes. And oh goodness, how I love tassels! So here they are making an appearance. I just haven't tired of them because they are so darn adorable! Blue is the currently the favored color around here, but I think that any color palette would be just as fun! 

Oh how I love an easy DIY that looks like it took forever! These little wall hangings are a breeze and I am so excited to share just how-to with you! And - BONUS! - it's so inexpensive! These three hangings costed me a total of $20. The driftwood was gathered, the embroidery hoops were $6 total, paint was $4, and I spent $10 on 24 loops of embroidery floss. Gotta love that! 



    •    Embroidery Floss in color palette of choice

    •    Scissors

    •    Driftwood

    •    Paint

    •    Sponge Applicator or Paintbrush

    •    Embroidery Hoops (I just used the inside hoop with no hardware, but either part works)


This is a simple step that you will want to complete first - at least a day in advance - to ensure that the driftwood is dry and ready to go. All you need to do is tape off the driftwood wherever you desire your paint to start, then paint one end. Place them somewhere to dry where they can be propped up. 

TASSELS (photos of steps 1-4 above + 5-6 below)

    1    Use one embroidery floss and then cut 2 strands of either the same color or an accent color - one shorter strand and one longer strand

    2    Fold embroidery floss in half and insert longer cut floss strand through the middle

    3    Use shorter cut floss strand to tie of top of the tassel off - tie once, then wrap floss around 2-3 times, double knot, then cut excess ends off

    4    Tie a double knot at top of tassel head with the longer cut floss strand and then knot the ends of the long strands so that the tassel is ready to hang

    5    The bottom of the embroidery floss will be looped, so give it a quick snip for open ends

    6    Give the bottom of the tassel some final snips to even it out & voila! Your first tassel is complete!

Now take a seat on the couch with all of your supplies, turn Netflix on and repeat all steps until you have as many tassels as your heart desires!


    1    To attach the driftwood to the embroidery hoop, place the driftwood across the hoop and tie on with embroidery floss. I doubled up (so used 4 pieces of floss total) because I liked the thickness, and tied in a criss-cross motion to secure the driftwood on both ends. I loved the random designs that the criss-cross tying made!

    2    To attach the tassels, simply wrap the long floss end (at top of tassel head) around the driftwood or embroidery hoop and loop the tassel through. I even double wrapped before looping the tassel through depending on the desired length of the tassel and the amount of floss I wanted to see wrapped around the driftwood or hoop. This is the fun part! Make it your design, or use the hangings I created as inspiration!

Have fun with this one! And the possibilities of uses are endless! I'm hanging my set in my bedroom, which I recently redecorated in blues. But I also love the idea of creating LOTS of these to make a photo backdrop installation, or hanging above a boho-inspired table setting. I would love to see what you create!