DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece

Ah, spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, the air is still crisp but starting to warm, and the flowers are blooming! Don't you just love this time of year?! And Easter has come early this year! No complaints here...I love any excuse I can get to play with my food! 

This year, instead of dying your eggs, poke holes in the tops and turn them into vases! Or do both, if you wish! I am thinking about dying some hard-boiled eggs to put in the ceramic berry baskets (find similar here) and incorporate it into my Easter table centerpiece. 


SUPPLIES (for egg vases)

  • White eggs - raw/uncooked (or brown if you wish!)
  • Small screw or nail - sterilize in alcohol (used to poke initial hole)
  • Large screw (used to create larger opening)
  • Eye Dropper (used to assist in draining the eggs)
  • Bowl (used to catch egg drainings)
  • Tweezers (used to assist in removing extra shell at opening)


  1. Using smaller screw, very gently hammer into top center of each egg
  2. Using larger screw, very gently hammer to increase diameter of opening
  3. To drain the contents of the eggs, hold with hole side down but at a slight tilt over a bowl - use an eye dropper to move in and out of the hole, which creates a free flow of air and allows the liquid to drain faster (use the suction of the eye dropper to collect and drain the last bits of liquid that don't drain on their own)
  4. Rinse each egg thoroughly, then use tweezers to collect any loose shell bits around the hole opening or to help reshape the hole, if desired


  • Ceramic egg crate (find similar here or here)
  • Spring blooms (in your choice of varietal & color - I used ranunculus!)
  • Moss or mossy-like ground cover (optional)


  1. Fill egg "vases" with water, place into ceramic egg crates, and snip blooms to place in each one
  2. Keep it simple by just leaving it as is, OR add moss or a mossy-like ground cover as a cute detail brings extra life to the design
  3. Additional ideas - paint, spray paint or dye eggs to add extra color and flair! | I wanted to keep it simple and place just one bloom per egg, but you can place as many as your heart desires!

And that's a wrap on all of the Easter-y fun I have for you! Do you have plans for Sunday? If you make this centerpiece, I'd love to see it!!

XO Brynn