I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I am in a packaging mood lately. And I have definitely been focused on Valentine's Day! Last week was favor bags and now this week it's gift wrap! I love playing with watercolors and it has been awhile, so thought they would be perfect for this project. Especially so since I am in a current love affair with a softer palette. 

All you will need for this gift wrap is white craft paper, a watercolor cake set, brushes and round sponge applicators. Oh, and you'll want to round up your favorite twines, ribbons, washi tapes, etc. that you want to use to accessorize your packages...though they will only need simple touches since the watercolor makes such a statement on their own. A little something extra you might want to do is cut out paper hearts from pastel papers (just use a heart shape cookie cutter to trace, then cut out each heart) to use for fun little touches.


1. This cute little prickly friend was asking for some simple, but fun wrapping. So, I wrapped it in some white paper, secured it with a rubber band, and then painted each "peak" of the paper a different color (both outside and in). I let the colors blend together where they met to create a seamless flow. Once the watercolors were completely dry, I replaced the rubber band with pretty pink & metallic twine. It the end it feels a bit "dip-dyed", which is a look that I never seem to tire of.

2. I think this brush stroke package turned out to be my favorite! To achieve this look, simply use a wide brush and stroke the paper at various angles, with various colors of paint...and plenty of water to achieve that washed out look. Once dry, give it a simple twine wrap. Or a satin ribbon would be really pretty, too!

3. For this fun watercolor confetti wrap, you'll just need to pick up these round sponge applicators. Then just wet, dab excess water onto a paper towel, dip in paint palette and apply onto the paper. Vary your colors to really give it that confetti look!

4. Lastly, the fourth way to watercolor your Valentine's gift wrap is to splatter paint the paper. To achieve this look, apply water and paint to your brush and then stroke across your fingers overhead of the paper. This will create splatters of watercolor! Just keep going with the method, layering on multiple colors. Wrap a strip of washi tape around the box and accessorize with a few of those paper hearts!

I am definitely not a professional watercolorist, so good news for you: you don't have to be either! The bottom line is just to have fun with watercolors because there are so many different methods and styles to play with! 

XO Brynn