Let's think of Valentine's Day in a new way this year. Let's make it a party with our loved ones - friends, family...whomever you love most. We'll start by setting the table in a playful palette inspired by the official candy of Valentine's Day (not counting chocolate) - conversation hearts.

Here is what you need to get the party started. You can follow it to a T with the links and tips provided...

  • glassybaby votives - colors used in this setting: baby  |  sweetheart  |  princess  |  godmother  |  beach bum  |  sea foam  |  given to fly  |  thank you  |  stormy  |  power  |  sweet pea  |  grammy 
  • glassybaby drinkers - colors used in this setting: bellini  |  sparkling water
  • a white table (or a white tablecloth over any color of table)
  • pretty white plates - you can find the ones used in this setting here
  • a second set of colorful glassware - scour your favorite antique mall, or try here where we are currently loving the selections
  • your finest flatware - here is the set we used
  • pretty cloth napkins - we used a vintage set, but also love these
  • a floral selection in a palette similar to your glassybaby votives
  • conversation hearts galore - we used 4 large bags of these ones because they have blue!
  • favor bags to send your guests home with their own candies - you can make these ones in a snap!
  • tealights 

Start with the centerpiece:

  1. Create a snake-like chain with your glassybaby votives - rosy tones flow into melon-y orange hues, then into minty greens, then baby blues and ends with pretty purples
  2. Surround each color set with matching conversation hearts
  3. Fill every other or every couple glassybaby votive half-way with water and place flowers in matching colors, then cut off single blooms to sprinkle within the conversation hearts
  4. Place tealights in empty glassybaby votives (or if hosting a daytime party, simply leave empty and enjoy the beautiful colors)

Then, set the place settings:

  1. Each place setting will have a white dinner plate, a flatware set, a napkin, a glassybaby drinker, an additional piece of glassware, if you choose, and a favor bag filled with conversation hearts
  2. Be meticulous about each setting, ensuring that each one is set just like the other (this will ensure pretty pictures and an overall pleasing aesthetic) 


Have an evening (or daytime) filled with great food, laughter and fun, memorable times with your favorite people, and perhaps a few glasses of bubbly!

So, basically... eat, drink and be merry! Because that is what life is all about. Happy Valentine's Days, lovers!

XO Brynn Renné