Sometimes it is best to just keep it simple. And today, we are doing just that. I wanted to create fun favor bags to give away my favorite Valentine's Day candy - conversation hearts. I mean, the little Brach's boxes are cute and all, but aren't these pom pom ball bags WAY cuter?! Glad you agree. 

Oh, and while we are on the topic of conversation, let's just get one started... Are you a Brach's conversation hearts lover or Sweethearts? I am 100% a Brach's lover because they are way softer, whereas Sweethearts are bound to break your teeth! (although, Sweethearts do have some more fun colors, so I used some of those too for photo purposes) Also, Brach's is all I ever remember having as a kid, so you know...nostalgia. Anyways, yes, I am being a total candy nerd over here. 

*p.s. this post is in no way legally affiliated with or an advertisement for Brach's, just in case you were wondering :) I actually really do just prefer their candy.*

So, let's move forward with this super simple, fun DIY project. It's even great for the kids! (but instead of hot glue, use fabric glue to avoid tiny burnt fingers)...



  • Felt pom balls in assorted colors (I went with pastels to match the conversation hearts)
  • Small muslin favor bags
  • Twine in a fun color (this is optional, as you can just use the string the bag comes with)
  • Needle
  • Hot glue gun
  • Conversation hearts


  1. Remove drawstring from muslin bag and thread in desired color of twine
  2. Hot glue felt pom balls to bag in desired configuration - make sure to insert a paper or piece of cardboard into the bag to prevent glueing the bag together
  3. Fill with conversation hearts and give to the ones you love!

Speaking of  L O V E... isn't it just the best?! Yep, true romantic speaking here! Now, now, before you gag, hear me out! Love truly is the best, whether it is between you and your man, or lady, OR if it is to or from the family and friends that surround you... or the good deed you do for a stranger in need. And while receiving it is one of the best feelings in life, I think that giving love is where it is really at. Love is one of those truly unique things in life that we just can't live without and can never seem to give enough of. Who are you going to give a little extra love to today?

XO Brynn